Saturday, October 18, 2008

10/16 - 10/24 Proposed Homer menu

Ok, so I'm breaking the rules just a bit and going a bit over one week. But I made my menu on Thursday, planning for that night through next Friday, so gosh darn it, I'm gonna post it. :) Assume everything is for dinner unless specified otherwise. (Usually I'd also plan in lunches, but I'm too tired this week. If there are leftovers, great! If not, Subway, here I come.) Here's what we're hoping happens this week:

Thurs: Chicken Stew
Friday: Date Night!
Saturday: breakfast - Zucchini Quiche; lunch - Rotini Romanoff; dinner - Cuban Sandwiches
Sunday: Chicken Fried Steak with french fries and corn and peas
Monday: Broccoli Lasagna
Tuesday: Primavera Stuffed Potatoes
Wednesday: Mozzarella Chicken and rolls
Thursday: Pasta Primavera
Friday: Date Night!

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