Saturday, October 18, 2008

Purpose and Rules

So why this blog? Who cares? Well, really, if Jalin and I are the only ones who get anything out of it, we'll be well pleased. If nothing else, it's a way for us to set goals and have someone else follow up on them. It's a way to swap recipes and share our failures and successes.

So, what is it? It's a weekly menu. It's the recipes (and pictures!) for the meals we made, and at the end of the week, it's a report of how well we followed it. As we post our menus, we will link them to the recipes (as we put them on) so that everyone can enjoy them.

- There must be a weekly menu, posted by Saturday.
- The week goes from Saturday to Friday.
- The follow-up for each week must be posted by Saturday (before the next weekly menu is posted.)
- There must must be a recipe for every meal on the menu. (Can be posted throughout the week.) As they're put on, links must be added to the menus.
- There must be a rating of tastiness on every recipe. (Why do we want to cook something if your entire family thinks it's gross?)
- There must be a rating of ease of making on every recipe. (Somedays I'll have more time to cook than others and I'd like to know how easy it was to make.)
- There must be a picture with every recipe. (I'm much more likely to make it if I can see it first.
- With all of the updating that needs to be done, we reserve the right to go back and edit any post with links, pictures and ratings. If they're not there when you first read them, come back for updates.
- If you try a recipe and like (or hate) it, or if you tweak the recipe, please post your comments so that others can benefit from your labors.
- Keep in mind that there are two different people publishing here, so be sure to look for our name on the post to see if we're cooking for two (Tianna) or cooking for a family of 7 (Jalin).

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